About (Who We Are)
About Our Company
Our History

Mack Odor Blasters was founded in 2018 by decorated U.S. Army combat veteran Herbert Mack. With practical knowledge in the areas of respiratory protection, extensive regulatory knowledge in occupational safety and health as it relates to indoor air quality and technical expertise in CBRNE threat detection and filltration systems, Herbert realized that indoor air pollution was a major concern and mitigating the spread of respiratory illness starts with non-toxic adsorbtion methods strategically placed in high traffic areas. Mack Odor Blaster’s, LLC was born with the necesity of reducing indoor air pollutants. Did you know that manufacturers of synthetic air fresheners are not enforced to disclose some of the ingredients due to copyright and trade secret issues? 

Our Business


Natural Toxin Free Odor Eliminators!

Enhancing Lives through odor elimination is our mission! Mack Odor Blasters LLC stands at the forefront of 100% natural, toxic free odor control and dehumification techniques. Our odor elimination and dehumidification solutions embrace the adsorption qualities of charcoal, particualarly sustainable bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal is [sustainable + reusable + recyclable].

Today, activated charcoal is used in hospitals and homes as an antidote for poison and even a detoxifying agent to cure common ailments. We strive to be an essential ingredient in the customer service experience.  We understand unpleasant odors in restrooms, offices, storage areas or even garbage collection areas can be a major distraction for workers and customers alike. Odors also disrupt the sancuarty of our homes. Mack Odor Blaster’s is committed to creating innovative odor control solutions that are not overpowering and environmentally friendly.

Activated Carbon is a filtration media used to remove impurities from liquids and gases and for a variety of military grade applications such as, decontamination, odor elimination and dehumidification. The large internal surface area allows for the impurities to be adsorbed into the pores of the Activated Carbon.

Our solution to odor elimination is activtated carbon. The micro porous structure of bamboo charcoal makes it good for deodorization and humidity control. Due to the extremely high temperatures in which activated charcoal is produced, it has very little water. When the humidity of the surrounding atmosphere exceeds that of bamboo charcoal, the charcoal absorbs the water vapor out of the air. Reducing moisture and controlling humidity ultimately help control musty odor. Also when the surroundings moisture in the air becomes less than that of charcoal, it can release moisture to maintain a dynamic equilibrium.

For just pennies a day, our deodorizing solutions will neutralize and scientifically eliminate odors 24/7. Our commercial odor control solutions maximize effectiveness while reducing cost. No equipment to purchase or maintain, no inventory to purchase EVER! You don’t have to worry about maintenance because stragegically places charcoal pouches adsobs odors. From neutralizing deodorizers, tough restroom and urine odor control systems to room refreshers Mack Odor Blaster’s has an odor control solution to meet your needs.

We are charcoal suppliers, distributors, and exporters. We provide our customers with a broad Range of natural charcoal products for home and small scale industrial applications. Moreover, our company has a deep commitment to partnerships with charcoal buyers and distributors across the region as well as worldwide. We partner with owners, operators and on-site facility managers across industries to implement odor programs that ensure that facilities are clean, operating efficiently and odor free. We also make sure to put a special emphasis on the environment.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Nuisance odors are a common occurrence at facilities where proper management and control are not implemented. Mack Odor Blaster’s is dedicated to sustainability and creating healthy, comfortable, odor free environments. Our company offers unmatched quality, performance, and dependability. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Our Mission Is Odor Control. Try Our Premium Odor Control Solutions.

Our Mission

Mack Odor Blaster’s is dedicated to creating a cleaner, safer and healthier planet for us, our children and for future generations.  We strive to provide clients with the highest quality products and odor control services. It is our pledge to execute each job with professionalism, efficiency and integrity.  

Vision & Values

Enhancing Lives Through Odor Elimination. Our vision is being a leader in sustainable odor control solutions.  We are committed to solving the problem of nuisance odor and educating the public on the use of odor removal technology to drastically improve the indoor air quality.

Our commitment to you:

  •        100% Customer Satisfaction
  •        Affordable and Efficient
  •        Innovative Odor Control Solutions
  •        Safe and Odor Free Workplace Environment
  •        Sanitary Bathroom Conditions

Why Use Mack Odor Blaster’s Deodorizer Commercial Solutions

Eco-Friendly Alternative (Healthy Planet), Monthly Maintenance on All Units (Never Caught with your Pants Down) and 24/7 Odor Control (Happy Customers)  

We offer a systematic approach to odor control by addressing the hygiene, maintenance and budgetary needs of your facility. Maximize odor absorbency and deliver of long lasting odor control, our deodorizing services cut down on bathroom maintenance. Strategically placing odor control dispensers in restrooms and throughout facilities can maximize their effectiveness, but if the systems are not well maintained all bets are off. With our odor control and deodorization services, we will ensure your dispensers are well maintained for optimal freshness.

Benefits Include:

  •   No Equipment to purchase and maintain - all deodorizer units are furnished
  •   No inventory to purchase- No need to stock cases of refills in limited storage space.
  •   Our odor control experts will help you achieve your air freshening and deodorizing
  •   All air freshening units will be cleaned and maintained for optimum performance.

Our goal is to provide our clients with innovative odor control solutions that are results driven, scientifically proven and ecofriendly.  We are dedicated to creating a cleaner, safer and healthier planet for us, our children and for future generations.

Sustainability (We Love the Environment)

We have a soft spot for healthy homes, employee safety and the environment. That’s why we’re committed to using sustainable odor control methods that are effective while minimizing both environmental and health impact. We understand that it’s part of our responsibility to help in keeping our world sustainable and people breathing fresh clean air.

Our core values are guided by integrity and compliance; we initiate and maintain our operations in a manner that protects the environment, the health and safety of employees, families, customers and guest alike. We are committed to environmental responsibility and supplying products that are eco-friendly.

Mack Odor Blaster’s would like to personally thank you for taking a step toward to ensuring the health and wellbeing of your employees and customers are at the forefront of your mind. We take privacy and odor control very seriously, and we promise to align our operation with indoor air quality standards.