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Air fresheners are not intended to clean the air or reduce allergens. Air fresheners are consumer products that emit a fragrance to provide an aroma to a space. Many products that we use in our homes contain chemicals that claim to deodorize but do anything but freshen the air. The complex mixture of chemicals ingredients of air fresheners work in a multitude of ways. Believe it or not, air fresheners interfere with our ability to smell either by releasing a nerve deadening agent, coating the nasal passage with an oil film or simply masking the smell. In terms of indoor air quality, air freshener are often labeled as the primary source of volatile organic compounds within the home.

The overpowering chemicals used to make “air fresheners” have been linked to headaches, asthma and other respiratory issues. With a natural dehumidifier and odor eliminator in mind. Herbert developed a eco-friendly odor eliminator from the finest non-toxic bamboo charcoal. Our solutions consist of large-shaped porous granules, and a 99.99% nitrogen purity level, maximizing odor elimination and moisture control. Our 100% natural bamboo charcoal are nontoxic and designed to maintain a fresh, dry and odor free environment. Perfect in small spaces like cars, bathrooms and pet areas. Stinky shoes, smelly garbage cans, and stale household air doesn’t stand a chance with Mack Odor Blasters.

60 grams of Activated Carbon are filled in a fabric pouch for ease of use.   The activated carbon will remove moisture and odor from the air.  Activated Carbon is non-toxic and commonly used as general-purpose adsorption of VOCs and odors in air streams.

The principal use of activated carbon in residential setting is for the removal of volatile organic compounds such toxic gases or organic based odors. The use of charcoal in the adsorption process is not only effective with single source organic vapors emissions, but it is also effective with contaminant mixtures. Molecules of contaminated gases (ODOR) are naturally attracted to charcoal. Once the odor molecules seek out the charcoal, they are accumulated on the surface of the charcoal which creates a virtually odorless environment.

Mack Odor Blaster’s understand the science behind the complex biological, chemical, and physical interactions that combine to create odors. Our odor control solutions are customized to our client’s needs and include equipment to eliminate odor causing compounds.

As part of our commercial odor control solution, we provide passive air dispenser technology and placement consulting for maximum efficiency and performance. All indoor air quality solutions should be environmentally safe. Sit back and enjoy fresh clean air with Mack Odor Blaster’s. No Chemicals, Affordable, No Hidden Cost, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We are a veteran owned company that focuses on customer’s needs. Solving odor problems one molecule at a time. Our Solutions can reduce moisture in enclosed spaces eliminating musty odors with natrual toxic free solutions.

  •       Odor Control and Odor Elimination
  •       Odor Free. Guaranteed.
  •       Eliminate Odor at the Source

Benefits of Deodorizers: Why use deodorizers in your home and facility restrooms? Deodorizers are used to get rid of those nasty lingering odors. Unlike air fresheners or perfumes, activated charcoal does not mask odors; it removes them. Depending on the placement of the delivery system, deodorizers can help create a fresh and clean odor free space. Deodorizers can also get rid of airborne pathogens and bacteria. Interested in a toxic free solution? Contact Mack Odor Blaster’s!

Bamboo Charcoal is a successful odor control agent because of its ability to absorb and adsorb airborne liquids and gases. Essentially, it serves as a sponge that sucks in liquids (absorption) and attracts gaseous molecules to adhere to the surfaces of internal pores (adsorption) of the activated carbon.

Raising Standards in Odor Control. Mack Odor Blaster’s signature deodorizer solutions provide continuous deodorizing. Our deodorizers require no personal attention or maintenance on your part, just drop a deodorizer pouch under the sink, in a trash can, gym locker, car cab or around your home.

For commerical customers we furnish the dispensers and for a monthly fee of $14.99 we will maintain consistent odor control solutions. Save energy and create a healthy, comfortable environment with Mack Odor Blaster’s. Mack Odor Blaster’s LLC specializes in managing public restroom odors and deodorizing garbage compactor rooms and condominium trash holding areas. Our service is customized to your level of usage and we ensure you never run out of deodorizer.

  •       Regular no-hassle service maintenance
  •       Eliminates nuisance restroom odors
  •       Monitoring Equipment
  •       Battery operated dispenser keeps your restroom fresh and hygienic
  •       Expert advice and superior customer service

Benefits of Our Service aka The Mack Odor Blaster’s Advantage

Unpleasant odors in restrooms or offices can be a major distraction for workers and customers alike. Maintaining a clean, fresh-smelling restroom is essential to your facility’s quality image. Mack Odor Blaster’s deodorizers has an innovative solution.  For just pennies a day, Mack Odor Blaster’s will deodorize, neutralize and scientifically eliminate odors 24/7. Our units are versatile enough to be positioned almost anywhere.