Stock up on water absorbing spill kits and stay prepared for water leaks and spills. Our spill preparation kits act as emergency kits to help avoid water damage. CHARCOAL GRAY UNIVERSAL SOCKS. Universal absorbent socks are convenient, lightweight and economical.  These socks absorb any liquid and are great for commercial establishments, work areas, industry and home use. Our reusable absorbent socks can be used as an environmentally-preferred alternative to disposable absorbents at your home or facility. Protect walkways, drains, and entrances from water overflow. Water absorbent sock for your garage, basement, windows and doors. Each water absorbent sock will absorb a half of gallon of water. If you have a leaky basement or window moisture problem, here is the solution. Economical and can last for years with proper care. Simply hand wring the soaked socks to get the excess water out and reuse immediately. Do not place the socks in your dryer. To dry completely let them air dry. If sock is soiled hand wash and let them air dry. Universal absorbent socks mold around barrels, crates, machinery or refrigeration units to trap leaks and drips, allowing time for more handling.  Place along the edge of shelving or machinery to absorb seepage from spills which have spread underneath and are unreachable.  

Water Absorbing Spill Kit

  • Spill Kits are the most effective way to immediately deal with spills by covering the spilled liquid and alerting pedestrians. This spill kit is designed for water and is made of strong, melt-blown polypropylene that absorbs gallons of fluid per kit. Cellulose-Based Sorbent Sock 3in x 4ft are made from a recycled, renewable source that makes this an idea product for your spill cleanup needs. Economical and highly efficient organic socks can tackle even the toughest jobs.  By universal, we mean that our absorbent products will pick up any liquid spilled, including water based chemicals and oil spills, as opposed to our oil-only absorbent products, that will absorb petroleum based liquids, but not water based liquids. With universal absorbents you don't have to know what was spilled or what is leaking so you don't have to worry about which absorbents (universal or oil-only) you need to use. They can be stuffed into small areas like spill kits without loosing absorbency. Our universal absorbent products use recycled or reclaimed raw materials whenever possible. Unlike clay, you won't need a shovel for this cleanup!


    • Use for routine maintenance.
    • Economical choice for non- aggressive fluids.
    • Filler is a recycled, organic, renewable alternative to polypropylene.
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