Disposable absorbent sock designed to absorb and contain water based leaks and spills on floors and hard surfaces. The water activated design lets the sock be set around any spill to keep the leak from spreading.  Simply place the absorbent sock beneath the leak or area where you plan to work. Super-absorbent polymer continues to soak up gallons of water socks. Leave the sorbent in place to protect floors and furnishings until the leak is taken care of, with the sorbent swelling with more water. Dispose once sock is completely saturated, simply throw them in the trash and replace them.


  • Designed to capture any water based spillages and create an impervious dam to contain further leakage and protect surfaces. Applications include leaking windows, radiators, washing machines, fridges and freezers, vending machines and toilets
  • Convenient to store, quick and easy to deploy
  • Once expanded they form a dam to contain any liquids
  • Surfaces are quickly made safe from slip hazards
  • Manufactured from a minimum of 50% reclaimed materials
  • Non toxic and non hazardous
  • Dimensions length x width 1200 x 120mm
  • Absorbency capacity per sock 3 litres
  • Pack of 3

Water Activated Absorbent Sock (3 Pack)

  • Absorbent socks contain and absorb liquids, preventing fluid from escaping to other areas. Socks mold easily to hug corners, walls, and surround machines and spills. Flat socks are ideal for water and water based liquids. Low profile, flexible flat socks put more absorbent surface area in contact with the ground for maximum absorbency. Each sock will absorb 35 times its own weight. Liquids are locked inside even when fully saturated. Ideal for refrigeration units, HVAC equipment and floor areas. Highly Visible Design. Made from Recycled Materials. Super-Absorbent. Durable & Disposable.




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