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Zeolite and Activated Carbon Odor Eliminator's

Organic vapors are a major source of air pollution, they are directly responsible for a multitude of odors and indoor air quality. Because activated charcoal is electrically non-polar, it is capable of adsorbing organic vapors and gases. In term of activated charcoal, adsorption is the accumulation of a gas on the surface of the charcoal. Molecules of the gas are adsorbed by the attractive force (Van der Waals force).

Zeolite is non-toxic and all natural mineral derived from volcanic rock, it mainly contain aluminum and silicon compounds and is used as a dehumidifier and for air purification. Zeolite binds to molecules and control odors in two ways. Absorption like a paper towel soaking up liquids and Adsorption like a magnet. Zeolite attracts to VOCs and neutralize smells just like an activated charcoal.

Zeolite Moisture Absorbers





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