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Why Do Thrift Clothes Smell Damp and Musty and How do I get Rid of the Odor?

Browsing the thrift store racks, you spot a diamond in the rough, you grab it, check out, and bring it home, only to realize your diamond has an awful musty grandpa smell. So, what gives, what’s that emphasis Thrift Store Odor? I have some possible distressing news, more often than not, the smell emitting from thrift store clothes derived from body oils, which is a kinder more settling way of saying your skin cells and sweat. We all have a smell and it’s transferred on our clothes regardless of laundering. In addition, the odors are there because the clothing has likely sat for a while amongst other items of clothing without being washed. Moisture is also a concern because with moisture comes happy thriving bacteria. Here are four products that will help you get rid of thrift store smell: In addition to machine- or hand-washing, you can also try Activated charcoal, Kitty litter, White vinegar and Vodka. Activated Charcoal absorbs odors naturally. Kitty Litter has activated carbon which is a know odor and moisture absorber. White Vinegar is a natural disinfectant that kill odor causing bacteria and Vodka is an expensive and tempting odor absorber. The point is, you’ll never really know how clean your new thrift store items really are. Always remember to wash your new finds before wearing them and get rid all the germs, bacteria, and odors.





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