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Upcycling is Not a Trend but a New Way of Thinking

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle! The three R’s most environmentally friendly people to live by. Recycling refers to repurposing a waste product into something useful. Try moving beyond the recycling and creating environmentally-friendly cost-effective products for everyday uses. It’s a process many refer to as “upcycling,” Upcycling is the process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful. When we transform discarded materials into something of equal or greater value, it is "Upcycled". In today’s world, the materialistic things we accumulate are often thrown away due to it perceived end of life use. However, lurking in garages, sheds and basements are items that can be repurposed. With just a little imagination and perhaps a hammer and nails, an old dresser or treasure chest can get new life as something fresh and unique like a natural activated carbon deodorizer chest. Upcycling is important because it keeps materials out of the landfill. It also relieves stress by physically transforming items into something useful and beautiful. Many independent businesses have flourished from upcycling unwanted items and making them useful to someone else. Did you like our activated carbon deodorizer example? Try putting one of our pouches in wooden box and watch activated charcoal carbon technology eliminate odors completely fragrance free.





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