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The Essence of Essential Oils

Essential Oils contain the essence or fragrant of a plant. They are a mixture of naturally occurring chemicals that attract insects to the plant to ensure pollination. They also provide protection to the plant by repelling harmful insects. The "essential" in essential oils refers to the concentrated essence or smell of a plant. Pure essential oils are free of aromatic compounds called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), however, they do contain volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Without VOCs essential oils could not be smelled. Most pure essential oils are extracted from plants through steam distillation. When extracted and concentrated, the oil is ultimately characterized as the plant's fragrance. This is what we smell. Essential oils can trigger different responses in different people. A scent that relaxes one person might trigger asthma in another. Peppermint Essential Oils is used primarily as a flavoring for candy like chewing gum. Some botanicals store their precious essential oil within their leaves or flowers while others may store the beneficial oil within their seeds or other plant parts. Although essential oils are natural, it doesn’t mean they can be used without taking precautions. Essential oils are highly flammable and should be diluted. They shouldn’t be used near candles, gas stoves, lit cigarettes, or open fireplaces. Oil diffusers are used to vaporize oils, releasing small amounts into the air.

Here's a list of 5 popular essential oils and the health claims associated with them:

Peppermint: Used to boost energy and help with digestion.

Lavender: Used for stress relief.

Tea Tree: Used to fight infections and boost immunity.

Jasmine: Used to help with depression, childbirth and libido.

Lemon: Used to aid digestion, mood, headaches and more.





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