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The Adsorption Properties of Activated Carbon

The word "humidity" refers to the amount of water in the air. High humidity causes mold to grow and live a life of luxury at the expenses of your health. On the flipside, low humidity creates a dry environment. The human body is comfortable when relative humidity is between 20-60 percent. There are a number of way to control humidity, one method is will activated carbon. Activated carbon works by utilizing the process of adsorption and absorption. Adsorption is a surface phenomenon in which particles or molecules bind to the top layer of material. Absorption, on the other hand, involves the entire volume of the absorbent. Absorption involves the filling of pores or holes in a substance. Adsorption works by attracting and trapping the pollutant of the carbon substance. The porous structure of activated carbon is the most important characteristic because of its increased surface area to remove contaminants. It has more useful surface area per gram than any other material available for physical adsorption. Several factors influence the effectiveness of activated charcoal. The pore size and distribution varies depending on the source of the carbon and the manufacturing process.





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