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Save House Plants by Preventing Excess Moisture

While most people think its neglect that kills house plants, over-watering is actually the most common culprit. Adding a layer of activated charcoal to the bottom of your plant pot, underneath the soil, can help your plant’s health. Activated charcoal rids the soil of impurities, repels insects, and prevents odors. It’s extremely porous, meaning it will absorb excess water. Preventing excess moisture will almost always prevent root rot. Experienced gardeners often use large loose material like gravel as their drainage layer, however activated charcoal which is a highly porous material can effectively absorbs excess water. Charcoal is non-toxic and generated from plant materials. Because the porous nature of activated carbon, once applied to soil, the pores will hold air and water for an extended period of time. This will in turn feed your green friends well after the initial watering. Charcoal is very stable and it will not decompose to carbon dioxide like a lot of fertilizers. The main benefit of adding charcoal is its known toxin removal. Charcoal absorbs chemicals in the soil, water and air.





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