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Remove Gaseous Substances Naturally

There are a multitude of effective air purification techniques available to reduce unfavorable indoor air contaminants in our homes. Activated charcoal is a natural solution as it is a type of carbon that has been processed to have an large porous surface area. The porous structure of activated bamboo charcoal allows for odorous gas molecules to move into an empty area of the pore where the odors are trapped and to stick to the wall of the charcoal. Activated charcoal can purify water, provide clean air or even reduce the harm of drug overdose. Bamboo Charcoal is a natural, non-toxic, fragrance free and extremely effective air freshener which is made of 100% premium activated bamboo carbon. This natural deodorizer absorbs odors, bacteria, pollutants, allergens and harmful chemicals. By using natural material, activated bamboo charcoal is the most sustainable way to freshen indoor air. It requires only a very small amount of gases of certain bacteria to produce an odor. Organic vapors are a major source of air pollution, they are directly responsible for a multitude of odors and indoor air quality. Because activated charcoal is electrically non-polar, it is capable of adsorbing organic vapors and gases. In term of activated charcoal, adsorption is the accumulation of a gas on the surface of the charcoal. Molecules of the gas are adsorbed by the attractive force (Van der Waals force). Odor also known as gasses stick to the surface area.





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