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Reduce Harmful Nuisance Odors with Granular Charcoal

The term activated carbon, represents a family of highly porous carbonaceous material that has a complex structure composed primarily of carbon atoms. As an adsorptive medium, commercially, activated carbon is available as powder, granular chips or extruded (molded products). Extruded charcoal is charcoal that is made by compressing and molding the raw material into the desired shape. Based upon the application and requirements, a specific form and size may be needed. Granular activated carbon can be used in a wide range of applications, depending on the size, it particularly good at adsorbing vapors and gases. Though great for removing organic compounds like odor, it is a poor choice for most inorganic compounds. The adsorptive capacity of granular activated carbon makes it ideal for removing a variety of contaminants from water, air, liquids and gases. Granular Activated Carbon is also an ecofriendly product that can be reactivated through thermal oxidation and used multiple times for the same application.





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