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Oil Absorbent Socks vs Booms

Universal Sorbents absorb all types of water-based and oil-based liquids. They are ideal for use in factories where there are many different liquids such as cutting fluids, solvents, lubricants and coolants. Hazmat Sorbents are specifically designed to absorb aggressive fluids such as acids and bases. Use Hazmat Sorbents when the liquid is aggressive or unknown. They are ideal for use in laboratories or other areas where aggressive fluids are present. They can also be placed on fire trucks, EMS vehicles and other emergency response equipment. Absorbents that are yellow color is highly recognized as the universal “caution” color. Oil only sorbents are typically white in color and will absorb only oil (hydrocarbon) based liquids. They are most commonly used to clean up petroleum spills on the surface of bodies of water (ponds, lakes, oceans). Also useful in circumstances that require you to only absorb oil (hydrocarbon) based liquids. All sorbent pads and rolls are sonic bonded for greater durability. For fast containment deployment after a spill, items like the oil absorbent sock and boom are an excellent choice. Absorbent booms are designed in a long, tubular shape that can be easily maneuvered or adjusted to fit around machinery, around spills, or lining small entrances. As a highly absorbent material, these booms offer a dual purpose set-up that allows these products to both absorb and cleanup required materials. Booms and socks can typically be linked together to form long sections around spill area. In comparison to the absorbent booms, Oil Absorbent Socks are designed with slightly smaller diameters for land based cleanup or small spill containment. Similar to the absorbent boom, oil absorbent socks contain a flexible tube shape with exteriors that attract and absorb oil while resisting and repelling water.