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Natural Odor Eliminators

It requires only a very small amount of gases of certain bacteria to produce an odor. Organic vapors are a major source of air pollution, they are directly responsible for a multitude of odors and indoor air quality. Because activated charcoal is electrically non-polar, it is capable of adsorbing organic vapors and gases. In term of activated charcoal, adsorption is the accumulation of a gas on the surface of the charcoal. Molecules of the gas are adsorbed by the attractive force (Van der Waals force). Odor also known as gasses stick to the surface area. Bamboo charcoal absorbs and removes odors. The chemical process of absorption is often compared to a sponge soaking up water. The water is “drawn-in” and fully embedded into the sponge, not being limited to the surface area. Charcoal deodorizers work in the same matter. The micro-porous activated bamboo charcoal clean the air naturally and help prevent mold and mildew by absorbing excess moisture, preventing the formation of airborne allergies. The more holes there are, the more surface area there is, and therefore, the more moisture the charcoal can hold. In addition, activated carbon has a large surface area due to being a porous material, which allows molecules to stick to the surface.

Activated carbon has a large surface area due to being a porous material. This allows molecules to stick to the surface.





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