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Maintain a Dynamic Equilibrium With Activated Charcoal.

The principal use of activated carbon in residential setting is for the removal of volatile organic compounds such toxic gases or organic based odors. The use of charcoal in the adsorption process is not only effective with single source organic vapors emissions, but it is also effective with contaminant mixtures. Molecules of contaminated gases (ODOR) are naturally attracted to charcoal. Once the odor molecules seek out the charcoal, they are accumulated on the surface of the charcoal which creates a virtually odorless environment. The micro porous structure of bamboo charcoal makes it good for deodorization and humidity control. Due to the extremely high temperatures in which activated charcoal is produced, it has very little water. When the humidity of the surrounding atmosphere exceeds that of bamboo charcoal, the charcoal absorbs the water vapor out of the air. Reducing moisture and controlling humidity ultimately help control musty odor. Also when the surroundings moisture in the air becomes less than that of charcoal, it can release moisture to maintain a dynamic equilibrium.





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