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Keep Water Out by Using Flood Barriers

Short but intense rain storms and flash flooding have become a growing concern in many areas. Every home has some level of risk for flooding. Flash floods happen as a result of too much rain hitting the ground too quickly for the ground to absorb. This is especially true when the ground is still frozen or too dry. Floods can also happen because the ground is too saturated with rain to hold any more water. Several factors contribute to flash flooding. The two key elements are rainfall intensity and duration. Intensity is the rate of rainfall, and duration is how long the rain lasts. Soil conditions, and ground cover also play an important role. Also, as land is converted from fields or woodlands to roads and parking lots, it loses its ability to absorb water. During periods of urban flooding, streets can become swift moving rivers, while basements can fill with water. Flash floods occur within a few minutes or hours of excessive rainfall. Protecting your home against water is clearly becoming more important, given the increasing severity of weather. In an effort to mitigate the effects of water damage, it’s always better to act early and prepare. If your home is located in a floodplain, flood insurance coverage as mandated by your lender. If you are not in a floodplain, you are not required to carry this additional coverage. Regardless of whether you have flood insurance or not, there are several things that you can do to help minimize the risk of flooding and the ensuing damage. Keep Water Out by using flood barriers or sandbags. Install flood barriers around structures and at building entrances. They act as short dams that expand when in contact with water and help stop low-level flooding efficiently. When used properly, sandbags can direct water away from your home.

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