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How to Use Charcoal to Absorb Litter Box Odors - Pets

Cat's urine can be one of the most powerful and equally pungent smells that can destroy the inside of house or anywhere your furry little friend decides to relieve itself. If cat's urine infiltrates into fabrics or wood, it can be next to impossible to remove. The charcoal filters you often see but seldom change on the top of your litter box help remove stubborn cat odors due to the absorption qualities of charcoal. The chemical nature of the odor molecules can be changed to either make the odor less pungent, eliminate the odor all together (activated carbon) or neutralize the odor to change the effect it has on the human nose. In odor for any deodorizer to work, odors must interact chemically or physically with the deodorizer to be effective. Activated charcoal (also known as activated carbon) is helpful in the removal of urine odors because activated charcoal is pretty much a sponge that'll soak up moisture and odors. There are essential three elements that make up biological odor: Excretion or decomposition; such as urine, feces, sweat and rotten meat, odor producing bacteria that produce a lot of odor molecules and the actual smell or what our noses perceive to be an odor. Like cat urine, most odor-causing compounds are organic in nature and granulated activated carbon is very effective on organic odors.





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