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How to Prevent Moisture in Your Storage Bins

New storage totes often have a strong plastic odor that can seep into clothing. If you don't want your winter comforters or favorite Hawaiian summer shirts to smell like plastic, you place a deodorizer pouch that will not only absorb the chemical odor, but also dehumidify the enclosure. When you pack and store items for extended periods of time, our goal is to keep our items fresh, clean and dry. The use of desiccants in storage containers can be a viable solution when controlling moisture. Desiccants are crystals that absorb moisture, similar to those packets you see in shoe boxes. Desiccants are not natural, they usually expire, and must be changed regularly. If you are looking for a natural alternative to your moisture problem, you want to look at bamboo charcoal. Bamboo Charcoal is used across a multitude application including both industrial and home settings. Often used in regulating humidity, the absorption capacity of bamboo charcoal is six times that of wood charcoal of the same weight. Charcoal sorbents naturally remove low concentrations of toxins and moisture in the air by way of adsorption. When viewed under a microscope, bamboo charcoal has millions of tiny pores. These tiny pores attract odor molecules, trap moisture and absorbs water molecules in the air.

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