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How to Choose a Spill Kit

Part your emergency action plan should include a clearly labelled spill kit, located in an easily accessible location. The spill kit should contain items such as absorbent pads, socks, booms, pillows, gloves and disposal bags. Spill kits should be used for emergency spill response. When purchasing a spill kit there are a few questions you need to consider.

1. The size and capacity of the spill kit. Choose a spill kit that enables you to absorb the maximum likely spill, not the total amount of liquid you have.

2. The materials from which the components are made from. Manufacturers produce standard kits, however all components can be altered to suit different job requirements. There are generally two types of absorbents - one type absorbs all liquids such as degreasers, coolant, acids, hydrocarbons and water. The other will only absorb hydrocarbons. Determine which liquids may be spilled and then which type of absorbent you require. It may be that you need two types of spill kits.

3. General purpose spill kits are color coded blue and contain universal absorbents that are gray in color. They are ideal for all liquid spills, with the exception of aggressive acids or bases. The most common type of spill kit. Designed to absorb non-hazardous liquids and hydrocarbons such as water, coolants, anti-freeze and solvents.

4. Hydrocarbon spill kits are color coded yellow and contain white absorbents. They are designed to recover oils and fuels spills in and around water without absorbing the water. OIL ONLY SPILL KIT Designed to absorb grease and oil-based liquids. Naturally repel water, making them highly effective at absorbing oil spills in water.

5. Chemical spill kits are color coded red and contain pink absorbents. They are designed for acids, bases, coolants, paints and oils and fuels and are made from inert material which will not react with any absorbed liquids. HAZMAT SPILL KIT Designed to absorb acid spills and other hazardous chemicals. It can also absorb water-based or oil based liquids. Feature yellow absorbents.

Remember Absorbent Booms are designed to contain and divert the spill. Absorbent Pillows contain and absorb the spill. Absorbent Pads are used to absorb and clean up the spill. Ground and floor absorbents contain and absorb the spill.