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Bamboo is a Sustainable Plant

Bamboo and other plant materials use the sun’s energy to take carbon dioxide or CO2 from the air and turn it into wood. When wood is truned into fuel such as charcoal, the CO2 originally absorbed by the plant is released again into the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide that is released from burning material is the same amount that was absorbed from the atmosphere during the growth of the plant. Bamboo is a naturally occurring composite material which grows abundantly in most of the part of the world. Part of the grass family, bamboo can grow in a variety of climates and habitats and it is the fastest-growing plant on earth, as it can grow as much as three feet in a single day. As a cheap and fast-grown resource, bamboo is widely used as a substitute for wood. Bamboo is a type of grass, so it does not need to be reseeded after its initial planting. Bamboo produces 40% more oxygen than trees, which reduce the CO2 in the air in addition bamboo absorbs greenhouse gases and releases oxyge

n into the atmosphere. Bamboo is a self-regenerating natural resource.





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