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Activated Carbon and Emergency Management

Activated Charcoal comes from carbon which has been treated with oxygen. This produces an extremely porous charcoal; which ultimately increase the surface area of the charcoal. The porous structure of charcoal causes various gases and moisture to both absorb and absorb onto the surface of the charcoal. Military Activated carbon cloth made from fabrics can be formed into full biological and chemical warfare suits. Depending on the specific threats, these suites prevent toxic chemical from harming soldiers on the battlefield. Activated Carbon at lower levels can absorb moisture and odors in the air. Our odor elimination and dehumidification solutions embrace the adsorption qualities of charcoal, particularly sustainable bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal is [sustainable + reusable + recyclable]. Our product remove Stinky odors without those nasty chemicals of artificial air freshener. Naturally control moisture and eliminate odors from your shoes, closets, drawers, car or any enclosed area. Reclaim your sanctuary and naturally deodorize with carbon deodorizer. At Mack Odor Blaster's®, we are continually researching ways to assist in the active reduction of our global carbon footprint by innovating Natural Odor Eliminating Solutions. Combat Veteran Inspired Odor Absorbers is 100% Natural and nontoxic. Our safe, highly effective, biodegradable odor absorbing solution is designed by Mack Odor Blasters for odor elimination and dehumidification. Incredible for pet lovers everywhere. Whether you have a smelly cat or dog, these non-toxic, environmentally friendly pouches help to eliminate and absorb urine and fecal odor smells. It's an incredibly effective natural closet, moisture absorber, room deodorizer, shoe deodorizer, car air freshener.

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