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Absorb and Removes Odors with Charcoal

The chemical process of absorption is often compared to a sponge soaking up water. The water is “drawn-in” and fully embedded into the sponge, not being limited to the surface area. Charcoal deodorizers work in the same matter.

The micro-porous activated bamboo charcoal clean the air naturally and help prevent mold and mildew by absorbing excess moisture, preventing the formation of airborne allergies. The more holes there are, the more surface area there is, and therefore, the more moisture the charcoal can hold. In addition, activated carbon has a large surface area due to being a porous material, which allows molecules to stick to the surface. The micro porous structure of bamboo charcoal makes it good for deodorization and humidity control. Due to the extremely high temperatures in which activated charcoal is produced, it has very little water. When the humidity of the surrounding atmosphere exceeds that of bamboo charcoal, the charcoal absorbs the water vapor out of the air. Reducing moisture and controlling humidity ultimately help control musty odor. Also when the surroundings moisture in the air becomes less than that of charcoal, it can release moisture to maintain a dynamic equilibrium.





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