The natural ingredients of activated carbon avoids chemicals. By using natural material, activated bamboo charcoal is the most sustainable way to freshen and dehumidify small confined spaces. Bamboo Charcoal is a sustainable way to purify the air. Long lasting and free of chemicals, eliminates odors from your kitchen, bath, and car.

We often hear advertisements from various air freshener companies claiming to eliminate odors with their products. Everyone likes a fresh toxic free environment, however, air fresheners use chemicals to cover up smells in a room or any enclosed area.

Bamboo charcoal absorbs and removes odors. The chemical process of absorption is often compared to a sponge soaking up water. The water is “drawn-in” and fully embedded into the sponge, not being limited to the surface area. Charcoal work in the same matter. The micro-porous activated bamboo charcoal dehumidify the air naturally and help prevent mold and mildew by absorbing excess moisture, preventing the formation of airborne allergies. The more holes there are, the more surface area there is, and therefore, the more moisture the charcoal can hold. In addition, activated carbon has a large surface area due to being a porous material, which allows odor molecules to stick to the surface.

Discover the Difference Nature Makes

At Mack Odor Blaster's®, we are continually researching ways to assist in the active reduction of our global carbon footprint by innovating Natural Odor Eliminating Solutions. We have a soft spot for healthy homes and the environment. That’s why we’re committed to using sustainable odor control methods that are effective while minimizing both environmental and health impact. 


We understand that it’s part of our responsibility to help in keeping our world sustainable and people breathing fresh clean air. Our core values are guided by integrity and compliance; we initiate and maintain our product solutions in a manner that protects the environment, the health and safety of  families, customers and pets alike. We are committed to environmental responsibility and supplying products that are eco-friendly.

Mack Odor Blaster’s would like to personally thank you for taking a step toward to ensuring the health and wellbeing of your family and your personal belongings are at the forefront of your mind. We take privacy and odor control very seriously, and we promise to align our solutions with indoor air quality standards.



Lets transform the air in our homes together. Air fresheners are not intended to clean the air or reduce allergens. Air fresheners are consumer products that emit a fragrance to provide an aroma to a space. Many products that we use in our homes contain chemicals that claim to deodorize but do anything but freshen the air. The complex mixture of chemicals ingredients of air fresheners work in a multitude of ways. Believe it or not, air fresheners interfere with our ability to smell either by releasing a nerve deadening agent, coating the nasal passage with an oil film or simply masking the smell. 

The overpowering chemicals used to make “air fresheners” have been linked to headaches, asthma and other respiratory issues. Remove Stinky odors without those nasty chemicals of artificial air freshener. Control moisture and deodorizer your with carbon deodorizer.

Bamboo charcoal has an incredibly porous structure that absorbs odors and moisture. Mack Odor Blaster’s understand the science behind the complex biological, chemical, and physical interactions that combine to create odors. All indoor air quality solutions should be environmentally safe. No Chemicals, Affordable, No Hidden Cost, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Our moisture control and odor eliminating solutions are all-natural and eco-friendly.

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