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Emergency Spill Containment Products for Home and Workplace Safety 



Pipes burst. Roofs leak. Sewers clog.

be prepared to prevent water from destroying your property and silently causing further problems like slips and falls

absorbent spill kits 

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from spreading and creating more damage 

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RECYCLED Materials


Absorbent Specialty Products for all Your Fluid Control Needs

We Have the Right Type of Absorbent for your Application

Specializing in Water Absorption


Flood Control Absorbent Sock

Absorbs contains and diverts problem flood water. Activated when wet.

Designed to Protect Floors and Hard Surfaces from Water Floods, Leaks and Drips.

Multiple applications, can be used to:

Soak up pooled water / spills and more

Absorb and contain flood water

Block problem water from spreading

Absorb and remove water from toilets during repair/replacement

Absorbs and contains leaking condensation


Universal Socks 

Universal Socks are for use in most liquid cleanup jobs where aggressive chemicals are not likely to be encountered.  Perfect Solution for Food Service areas, Basements and Grocery Stores - including kitchens, prep areas, storage areas and dish washing stations. Use this Spill solution where ever a liquid, chemical or grease spill is likely to occur. Contents will absorb water, chemicals, petroleum products and vegetable oil.

Wholesale Bulk Pricing on All Oil Absorbent Pads and Rolls or Tell Us What Refills You Need

Oil-Only Socks & Booms

Oil-Only Socks are especially designed to quickly wick oil-based liquids and fuels. Due to their ability to repel water, these socks are perfect for outdoor placement to absorb hydrocarbons without becoming saturated with rainwater. 

Oil-Only Booms are heavy-duty, water repelling sorbents designed to capture and hold oil-based liquids spilled or deposited into waterways. Even when fully saturated, these booms will continue to float. 

Hazmat Socks

Hazmat Socks are suited for absorbing acids, bases, and other aggressive liquids. Also able to be used for oil or water-based spills.

High Quality Spill Containment Solutions at an Exceptional Value!


water Absorbent

spill kits flood barriers

w/Free water Absorbent pads included

Protect your home or property in times of flooding with flood barriers. Expands and activate with water contact. Just lie in place and let the water do the rest. Designed to Absorb contain and divert water away from your home and property, before it becomes a problem. Keep on hand for emergency situations. Use around doorways, garages, leaking tanks, construction projects, anywhere water is a problem. Absorbs leaks, condensation and spills under sinks, refrigerated and frozen sections. absorbent socks are convenient, lightweight and economical.  These socks absorb water and are great for commercial establishments, work areas, industry and home use. Great absorbency, great price, great service, quick delivery. Introducing Mack Odor Blasters Spill Kit Refill Service. Ask about our spill kit refill solutions.


Universal Absorbent pads and socks made from polypropylene fibers with recycled material fillers are the most popular form of absorbents on the market.

Intended to clean up oil, coolant, solvent, and water. Absorbent socks and pads are the perfect spillage control solution. The socks create a barrier around the spill and the pads are perforated, allowing you to use only what you need. Make the workplace safe with spill containment kits, absorbent socks and pads. Pads and are great for spills on water or land, easily absorbing 20 times their own weight. Absorbents are one of the most effective ways of cleaning up spills, having the correct type of absorbents will allow you to manage any potential spillages that may occur. LET US HELP YOU Choose the most appropriate combination for your site needs, alternatively choose a spill control kit and have a quantity of each on site. Absorbents are designed to prevent leaks, drips or spills from becoming a safety hazard.

universal Absorbent Pads are excellent for industrial plants, machine and maintenance shops offering superior absorbency for both oil and water.

Natural Bamboo Charcoal Dehumidifier Pouches (6 Pack)

Activated charcoal, sometimes referred to as “activated carbon,” is a form of carbon that has been specifically processed to have small pores. This activation process is performed using physical means (pouring cold water on a hot object). 100% Natural, No Chemicals and Toxic Free.


100% Chemical-Free Odor Eliminator

 Formulated with Sustainable Bamboo, a Natural Detoxifier and Odor-Reducer

Discovering Pipe Leaks can be Stressful but Making a Quick Fix Doesn’t Need to Be. Keeps Floors Clean and Dry.







Plant - Derived Natural Toxic-Free Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizers!

Our reusable Activated Carbon Odor & Moisture Absorbers are perfect for small spaces.

Bamboo Activated Charcoal Odor Absorber, Eliminator and Air Freshener - Deodorizer pouches are 100% Natural Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic. Never Tested on Animals (All Natural No Chemicals)  

Reclaim your Sanctuary and Naturally Deodorize & Control Moisture with Mack Odor Blasters.





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